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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Naked Cheerleader

I had a fan email to get NAKED Cheerleader since it was no longer available on Amazon.  NAKED Slumber Party has since been taken off of Amazon, as well.  They are both, however, available on and (which sells internationally and includes the Kindle file).  But I thought I would go ahead and post both stories here on the blog for my readers.
I hope everyone is having a great day!
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NAKED Cheerleader
By Kendall Swan
A Romantic Words Publishing, LLC book
Copyright © 2009 by Kendall Swan
Cover Art © 2009 Romantic Words Publishing, LLC

Jordan was sweaty from practice.  It was raining outside causing practice to be moved to the large hallway by the office.  It was the only hallway big enough for the whole squad.  They usually practiced in the gym on rain days but the girls volleyball team had practice there today as they usually did twice a week. 

They couldn’t practice their jumps and there wasn’t enough ventilation but Jordan still liked the hallway.  It allowed students, teachers, and the staff from the office to get up close and personal with them.  They would walk by as the team was stretching and doing the splitz or showing off their obviously sexy cheer moves.  The girls were usually more scantily clad during practice wearing only sports bras and short tight spandex shorts. 

Jordan could feel their eyes wander to her crotch as she stretched or to her breasts or ass if she bent over.  What was funny was how the staff from the office such as the principal and vice principals, all men, would linger the longest. 

It seemed they all had very important things to say to Ms. Hayden, the girls’ coach.  Of course, they never kept eye contact with her for very long while chatting.  And the roll of her eyes and harsh attitude she had after they left told us she wasn’t very fond of their mental fondling. 

But Jordan was.

She loved it.

She would spread her legs even further and further apart when they showed up.  A girl has to stretch to stay limber, right?

She would look intently at whichever middle aged man was checking her out.  They always seemed to love that. 

This went on for weeks because of an unseasonably rainy fall during Jordan’s senior year.  The team was stuck practicing in the office hallway every other session. 

The girls had just finished up for the day, or rather, night.  It was close to seven in the evening.  Jordan had to run to the restroom and when she came back all of the girls were gone as well as Ms. Hayden. 

She finished putting her practice poms in her bag and took a big chug of her sports drink.  She was walking passed the office towards the parking lot when Mr. Rainey stepped out of the office with his coat on and briefcase at his side.

“Jordan. How are you?” he exclaimed excitedly. 

His attention immediately made Jordan blush.  Mr. Rainey had been helpful to Jordan’s academic career by recommending her for the honors courses in both English and Math.  Jordan wasn’t sure if it was lust or altruism or a combination of the two that made him want to help her so much.  But she was grateful.  Her parents were so impressed she’d been moved up. 

She remembered the first time he called her to his office to talk about it.  She thought she was in trouble.  She was being called to the vice principal’s office, after all. 

He was very quick to reassure her and came around  to rub her shoulders.  She was confused by this at first but then relaxed and enjoyed it. 

He was into her.  Why was that a surprise?  She was young and hot and about to be legal.  Jordan had checked him out as he returned to his desk chair to discuss her classes.  He seemed really fit—no belly like most of the adults in the school.  And he only had a hint of gray hair around his temples. 

He must be about forty she had thought at the time.  She later found out that he was only thirty seven. 

“How are your new classes working out?  Doing okay?” he asked as he placed his briefcase on the floor inside the office. 

“Great.  It’s hard but more interesting.  Thanks for all of your help.  The classes will really help with my GPA and college,” Jordan said.

Mr. Rainey put his arm around her shoulder.  His touch was gentle and his fingertips were soft.  He pulled her to face him. 

“Jordan.  You have so much… potential.”  His eyes were staring deep into hers as he spoke with earnestness.

“I just don’t want to see that go to waste.  Why don’t you come to my office and we can… discuss your future,” he said.

Jordan was momentarily freaked out.  She had been fantasizing about seducing an older man for a couple of years, but she hadn’t figured it would be a vice principal from her school.  Slowly, the fantasy took hold in her mind with Mr. Rainey’s face and body instead of a nameless man.  She felt her body heat up at the thought.

He gently slid his hand down her arm and clasped her hand.  He led her back to his office.  The other offices and cubicles were empty because of the late hour. 

Jordan’s heart was beating harder.  She felt excitement and adrenaline rush through her veins.  Her breasts became sensitive and they suddenly felt entirely too squished in inside her sports bra.  What would he do to her?  What could she do to him? 

Her pussy grew wet with anticipation.   This was really happening, wasn’t it?  She couldn’t believe it.  She suddenly felt like the athletic, full-figured woman she was in body if not yet in mind. 

They were almost to his office and as he rounded the corner still holding her hand she glanced down and could see cock bulging out against his slacks.  He must wear boxers, she thought. 

The thought of him taking her on his desk excited her.  She felt her pussy muscles clench in anticipation and a giddy smile crept across her face. 

They reached his office and he pulled her in, shut the door, and shed his coat.  They faced each other and he put both hands on her shoulders.

“Jordan, you are such an amazing girl.  Woman, really.  Different from everyone else.  I have to tell you, so you finally know.  I’ve wanted you for so long.  Your body…oh god.”

His hands slid down both her arms and rested them on her hips. 

He continued, “I don’t know how you feel and I don’t want to push you into anything you don’t want to do.  But if you want to explore this, we should do it now.”

“Mr. Rainey…”

“Call me Mark.”

“Mark.”  Jordan pushed her body up against his so that her breasts in her tight sports bra were pressed up against his chest.  He only stood a few inches above her.  His hands brought her hips up against his crotch and she could feel his hard cock through his slacks rub against her belly. 

She brought her arms up and wrapped them around his head.  Then she tilted her head and went in for a kiss.  His soft lips embraced her mouth as his wet tongue plunged inside.  Their bodies were wrapped around each other. 

Jordan could feel her pussy pulsing.  She couldn’t wait much longer.  She wanted to be fucked, hard.  She was a hormonal teenager, after all.

She pulled away and stepped towards his desk.  She pulled her shorts and panties down in one movement revealing her small, dark brown thatch of hair above her clit.  She then pulled her sports bra above her head letting her pert c-cup breasts with tiny, pale pink nipples flow free. 

Mark stood staring at her body lovingly.  His hands gently reached up and cupped her breasts.  He bent down and sucked one perfect nipple, swirling his tongue around it gently. 

Jordan inhaled sharply.  She had never felt that sensation before.  She wasn’t a virgin—she had done it twice and had played with herself countless times.  But she had never experienced pleasure through just her nipple before.  This night really is about education, she thought. 

Marks hands slid down her body slowing slightly to grip her waist then down to her hips.  He pushed her back and propped her naked body up on the edge of his desk.  Jordan could feel cool papers and file folders touching the skin of her ass. 

He knelt down and spread her legs forcefully.  Then he began massaging her clit softly with his thumb.  Jordan moaned and ran her fingers through his hair. 

Mark’s hot lips and tongue touched her outer pussy lips and Jordan felt her entire body come alive.  It was as if his tongue was a secret key needed to unlock all of her senses at once. 

He lapped at her and pierced his tongue inside her lips, tasting her sweet, hot juices.  She leaned back on his desk, completely taken in by yet another new sensation.  She had never been eaten out before and she loved it.  This will be a requirement for all guys, she thought. 

He plunged two fingers in her entrance while whipping her clit with his tongue.  She moaned helplessly.  He pulled and pushed his fingers in and out of her while going to town on her clit.  His thumb would graze her rosebud every time he went in.  Jordan would nervously clench shut each time, squeezing his fingers tight. 

Jordan had her eyes shut but she could hear him undoing his buckle and pants.  She was losing control.  Her arms were flailing all around his desk sending papers flying. 

“God you taste good,” he whispered.  Jordan could barely hear him over her own moans.  Then all of a sudden she was gripped, her whole body seizing as he licked and pumped with his hand, pushing harder and harder.  Jordan came like she never had before.  Her scream was loud and animal like. Her pussy lips writhed and clenched his fingers as the waves of pleasure past through her pristine body. 

Mark slowed his pumping and pulled his face back from her crotch.  He wiped is mouth with his sleeve.  His other hand was still moving up and down and Jordan notice he was jacking himself off.  He stood up.  He had a condom in his hand and slipped it on. 

“Mr. Rainey! Oh god!  I…” Jordan exclaimed breathlessly. 

She sat up and put both hands around his hard cock.  It was longer than she expected.  Mark leaned in and kissed her deep.  They kissed passionately and Jordan had to put one hand around his neck to keep from falling back.  She was pumping his cock while they were kissing.  He put a hand over hers and they pumped it together.  She felt the fingers from his other hand snake their way from the base of her scalp through her hair.  He gripped firmly and kissed her even harder, their tongues dueling with urgency. 

Mark pushed forward with his hips and the tip of his cock reached Jordan’s gate.  He removed her hand and pushed inside her hot wetness.  Their eyes locked as she enveloped his cock with her sex. 

“Is this okay?” he asked.

“Please,” she replied.

“Please, what?”

“Please fuck me.”  Jordan grinned playfully as she held on to him.  Their eyes remained locked as he slowly pulled out and then pushed in again.  Mark increased his tempo and then nuzzled her neck.  Jordan held on tight as he thrust harder and harder.

“Your body is so sweet, Jordan.   I could fuck you forever.”

Jordan wanted to answer with something witty to impress him but she was being taken over with pure sensation again as his cock rocked her. 

She leaned back on the desk and shut her eyes.  She felt his hands squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples.  The pinch sent a zing through her body.  She braced herself on the desk and squeezed her muscles around his large cock.  He was barely able to make it inside her and she felt small bits of pain when he was at her deepest parts.  But she was so turned on. 

For a brief second she realized what they were doing, that she had cum on her vice principal’s desk and now he was fucking her harder and harder.  She opened her eyes and saw the mess they had made.  It was so exciting.  Someone might catch them.  But he wanted her so bad he wanted to take that risk, she thought.  Jordan squeezed his dick even harder. 

Her fingers were hurting from holding onto the edge of the desk.  Mark was staring at her with what could only be pure lust in his eyes as he pounded her.  A deep moan escaped his mouth.  He had both of hands over and around her thighs, her polished toes flailing in the air to the rhythm of his cock.

Jordan was feeling no pain as she was being taken.  She felt that same sensation creep up.  It started near her clit and then spread outward through belly, legs, arms.  She opened her eyes and saw that Mark’s pupils were huge.  It looked like he was high on ecstasy or something.   Just then he let loose and pounded her.  She screamed that same animal sound as she came.  She felt his cock grow even longer as he pounded his final cumming thrusts inside of her.  They both opened their eyes at the same time and smiled. 

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Fine.  I mean, great.  You feel so good.  And you can do it for so long.”

Mark laughed.  “Yes, that’s one of the advantages of being older.” 

Mark pulled out, slid the condom off and threw it in the wastebasket.  Jordan inched off the desk.  Her pussy lips were visibly swollen. 

“Do you have some tissues?”  Mark handed her the box and they both cleaned themselves up on got dressed.  Mark wrapped his arm around Jordan’ back and pulled her close to him.  He kissed her tenderly which she enjoyed. 

“I’m sorry if I’ve taken advantage of you,” he whispered, their faces still close.

“No, no.  Don’t feel bad.  This was great.  Consider it a tutoring session.  You did show me some new things.”

They smiled and Jordan headed out of his office with Mark following. 

“I need to get home before my mom freaks out.  Have a nice night.  See ya around,” she said as she picked up her bag and headed to the parking lot. 

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