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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm working on

Hello all,

I wrote a whole long post yesterday using the 'blog post' option in Word.

Then it ate it.

So here we are again, briefly.

I'm currently working on the part 3 (last part) of Grand Pleasure Station- it has a twist! And then I'll finish up the Naked Pleasure cruise that I started in the Sexy Stories Kindle blog. I really should write another episode of Emma- that's been hanging out there for so long, it's just sad. But I also have all these other things I want to write.

I have Erotic Target all outlined and ready to write. And then I have a rough outline for another stalker type story involving sex toys- bc who doesn't love sex toys?

And then there's the short stories- naked camping, naked personal trainer.

But first before I do all that, I think I am going to compile a little grouping of Nakeds and call it NAKED 10. I want to do this in light of Cheerleader being taken off of Amazon. I need something to fill that niche. FYI-You can still get Naked cheerleader on as well (including the mobi (Kindle) format) as well as in the ibookstore, and Sony and Kobo, too, I think.

All of these plans are complicated by my other pen name writing. I can't do a lot of cross promotion between the names, unfortunately. And I don't want to stop writing as Kendall Swan-- that is just too fun to quit. So the only solution is to write more-- i.e write faster.

I have found writing is kind of like working out-- the mental effort to get your butt in the seat is like the mental effort to get your butt in the gym. And then you must run or lift a certain amount many times before adding onto that.

I was at a nice comfortable writing pace before I made all these grand plans. And since I don't want to scrap the plans I need to kick it up a notch.
Consider it kicked!

As usual, I'll post new release and other tidbits (such as getting an orgasm from writing).



  1. What happened to the cheerleader story? Just curious.

    I'm using the same method that you're talking about here: writing and publishing more. Not necessarily faster, but just getting more content up. I also plan a bundle in the coming month or so.

    I read NAKED HOUSECLEANING. Really liked it. :)


  2. Thanks so much Erica! Sorry for my delay in answering. I'll get my act together sometime. Maybe. I hope. ; )

    Cheerleader and Slumber Party were both taken down by Amazon and they won't tell me why. I made changes to both and tried to have them republished and Amazon said no. I don't mind them having rules, I would just like to know what those rules are so that I don't cross them again.

    But while Amazon is huge, it isn't the only game in town, fortunately.

    How is your writing going? Are you doing Nanowrimo?